Indian Restaurant Petts Wood, Orpington

Exclusive 5 Item Fixed Menu

The following menu is for our Fixed menu events.  The price of the menu varies from event to event, so ensure you look at the event page for the price of this menu.


Poppadom & Chutneys on Arrival

(One poppadom for each guest)


Choose from one of the following

Onion Bhaji (V)

The ever so popular spiced onion fritters onion bhaji.

Meat Somosa

Minced lamb with fresh green herbs wrapped in a triangular shaped crisp fried pastry somosa.

Vegetable Somosa (V)

Vegetables with fresh green herbs wrapped in a triangular shaped crisp fried pastry somosa.


Choose from one of the following

Chicken Tikka Massala 1-green2

Britain’s most popular dish! Cooked in a rich creamy sauce containing pure ghee, ground almonds and fresh cream a perfect dish for beginners.

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi 2-red2

Cooked with specially prepared sauce and garnished with onions, green chilies, tomatoes and green peppers.

Lamb Madras 2-red2

Madras curries originate from southern India and are aromatic, robust and pungent in flavour hot.

Mixed Vegetable Curry 1-red2(V)

Strongly spiced and flavoured curry slightly hot.


Choose from one of the following

Sag Alloo (V)

North Indian side dish made from potato and spinach that has a uniquely delicious taste.

Tarka Daal (V)

Lentils cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes and fried spices (Tarka) poured over the top to create a stunning unique flavour.

Mushroom Bhaji (V)

Fantastic vegetable side dish combining traditional spices with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions.

Rice or Bread

Choose from one of the following

Plain Rice

Fluffy boiled rice

Pulao Rice

Delicately cooked basmati rice given aromatic appeal with cinnamon cloves, cardamon, bay leaf and rosewater.

Plain Naan

Famous fluffy Indian bread freshly baked in a clay oven.

Peshwari Naan

Famous fluffy Indian bread stuffed with peshwari (sweet coconut, nuts, almonds and sultanas)

Mild=Mild Spicy=Spicy Medium Hot=Medium Hot Fiery=Fiery

All our dishes may contain traces of nuts, please inform us of any special dietary requirements

You can download this menu and booking form from HERE

Please note we need this menu in advance of your booking.  We cannot confirm your booking until this form is received along with a £5 per head non refundable deposit. This deposit will come off your bill for each guest that arrives.



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