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Events Booking Form

Use the form below to book and pay for one of our events.  We currently do 2 type of events below.  In each case there is a non refundable deposit of £5 person to confirm your booking.


These events are ‘FREE’ and your deposit will be taken off your food bill at the end of the night for for each person present.  For persons that do not arrive their deposit is not refundable.


These events have a cover charge of usually of £5 per person.  This cover charge is not taken off your food bill at the end and is a charge to help pay for the event or the entertainer.

You can book the event and pay the deposit or cover charge below.  Please ensure you complete the event name and date together with the time of your booking.

Booking Form

Number or Persons
Event Name & Event Date
Time of Booking


Barabar Restaurant

Barabar Restaurant